All of Darul Uloom New Jersey’s staff are highly qualified and experienced in the field of teaching. They are committed and dedicated in offering the best education service for the betterment and success of our students.  They are proficient in the English, Arabic, Urdu, and Bangla languages.

Our teachers:

Mufti Shibbir A. Razzak (Principal)
Mufti Fatehul Islam (Vice Principal
Moulana Gulam Kibriya
Dr. Mufti Rezwanul Hasan

Mufti Naeem A. Haleem



Mufti Shibbir A. Razzak

Born in Bangladesh and raised in Paterson, New Jersey, Mufti Shibbir began memorizing the Quran at young age. His first Madrasah was his very home, under the guidance of his beloved father Ml. Abdur Razzak. He later enrolled in Darul Uloom New York (in Queens, NY), in the year 1999, and completed the memorization of the Holy Quran in 2001 under the head Ustaad, Hafidh Abul Khayr Sahib. He then began studying the primary years of Alim Course at the same institute under Mufti Ruhul Amin who is the head Mufti of Sharia Board New York and is also the author of several renowned books.

Mufti Shibbir then traveled to South Africa in the year 2003, and completed his Alim Course at the renowned Institute, Madrasah Arabiyyah Islamiah (also known as Darul Uloom Azaadville). His teachers included Shaikhul Hadith Mawlana Fadhlur Rahman Azmi and Mufti Saeed Mutara. He was also blessed with the companionship of the late Qari of South Africa, Qari Ismael Ishaq (RH). Mufti Shibbir has also completed the seven modes of recitation (Saba Qiraat) under Qari Sahab’s supervision.
Upon completion of his Alim Course, Mufti Shibbir traveled to Bangladesh and completed his master’s degree in Islamic Jurisprudence (Iftaa Course) at Markaz al Da’wah Al-Islamiyyah in Dhaka, Bangladesh in the year 2010, under the guidance of Mufti Abul Hasan, Mufti Yahya, and Shaykh Abdul Malik (who is a renowned student of Shaikh Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah (rh) and Shaikul Islam Mufti Taqi Uthmani).

As of 2010, Mufti Shibbir has been teaching at Darul Uloom New Jersey in Paterson where many students have graduated as Huffaaz under his guidance. In 2015, he was appointed as the Principal of Darul Uloom New Jersey.



Mufti Fatehul Islam

Born in Sylhet, Bangladesh, Mufti Fatehul Islam started his education at a young age. Growing up in a family of Huffaz and Ulama, he quickly memorized the Quran-e Karim. While in Sylhet he completed his initial years of the Alim Course in Jamiah Tawakkuliyyah Ranga under the special guidance of Mowlana Abdul Wadud Sahib (RH) and Mufti Ghulam Mustafa Sahib (who is the renowned student of Shaikh Yousuf Binnori (RH)]. He then traveled to Jamiah Shar’iyah Malibaagh Dhaka and completed his Alim Course where he studied under great Islamic Scholars like Shaikul Hadith Qadhi Mutasim Billah (Student of Shaikh Hussain Ahmed Madani) (RH), Shaikh Molana Ja’far Ahmed Sahib, Mufti Mahmudul Hasan, and Mowlana Abu Sabir Abdullah Sahib (who is the author of Awnut Tirmidhi).

In 2006, he received his master’s degree on Islamic Jurisprudence from the same institution. Upon graduation, he was appointed as the Imam and Khateeb of Khil Goan Masjid in Dhaka. During his Imamat, he also taught as a full time teacher at Darul Uloom Khil Goan where he taught books such as Mishkatul Masabih, Hidaya, Sharhul Aqaid, Maqamaat Hariri, Mukhtasarul Maani, Kafiyah, and many other books until his arrival to America in the year 2010.

As of 2010, Mufti Fatehul Islam has been serving as the Imam and resident scholar of Masjid Jalalabad in Paterson, New Jersey and is also the Vice Principal of Darul Uloom New Jersey.



Dr. Mufti Rezwanul Hasan

Dr. Mufti Rezwanul Hasan was born and raised in Queens, New York City. In the 8th grade, he gave a citywide entrance examination for New York City’s Specialized Science High Schools and attained admission to the Bronx High School of Science.

After graduation, he enrolled in Bangladesh Medical College in Dhaka, Bangladesh. While in medical school, he developed a fervor for Islamic knowledge and spent as much free time as possible in the circles of Ulama.

After obtaining his Medical degree, he decided that he wanted to serve Islam directly by becoming an Alim. In 2011, he enrolled in the Alim course at Madrasa Darur Rashad in Mirpur, Dhaka, where he learned elemental Arabic, grammar, morphology, and basic fiqh.

In 2013, he enrolled in the prominent institute, Jamia Rahmania Arabia in Mohammadpur, Dhaka after a grueling admission test. There he studied Fiqh, Usoolul Fiqh, Aqeeda, Tafseer, Usoolut Tafseer, Hadith and Usoolul Hadith under the tutelage of many illustrious scholars such as Maulana Hifzur Rahman Muminpuri, Maulana Abdur Razzak Manikgonji, Mufti Ibrahim Hasan, and Mufti Ibrahim Hilal Mumenshahi.

Upon completion in 2016, he competed with students from all over Bangladesh for admission into the Specialization course in Islamic Jurisprudence and Fatwa at the same institute and was granted admission with only 13 other classmates. In this course, he studied under the special guidance of Sheikhul Hadith Mufti Mansurul Haq along with Mufti Saeed Ahmad and Mufti Ridwanur Rahman (both students of Sheikhul Islam Mufti Taqi Uthmani).

After returning to the U.S. in 2018, he began teaching at Darul Uloom New Jersey in Paterson, New Jersey.