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1st Annual Graduation Jalsah for Banaat

Current Projects

Assalāmu ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullāhi Wa Barakātuh,
During this blessed month of Ramadān, don’t forget to contribute to Darul Uloom New Jersey. Help us continue providing the various programs and services we offer to our students and the greater community.
Additionally, we have three projects that we are trying to complete this year inhsaAllah. Please help us reach our goal by the end of Ramadan.
1. Library Project 📚 Alhamdulillah, we raised $3,000 and need an additional $4,000 to reach our goal.
2. Parking Lot 🚘 Raised $22,000, $68,000 to go.
3. New Doors 🚪$12,000 needed
Your donations will bring you double the reward and grant you Sadaqah Jariyah (perpetual reward), inshāAllah!
Donate in any of the following methods:
💠 Mail check payable to Darul Uloom New Jersey at 86 Marion St. Paterson, NJ 07522
💠 Zelle to zelle@dunj.org
💠 Venmo: http://www.venmo.com/darul_uloom_nj
💠 PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/DarulUloomNJ
💠 Website: https://www.dunj.org/donate
Sayyiduna Abu Huraira Radhiyallahu Anhu reported that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam said, “Charity does not in any way decrease the wealth of a person” (Sahih Muslim).
Furthermore, Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam was the most generous of the people. However he was at the peak of his generosity in the month of Ramadān (Sahih al-Bukhari).
May Allah Ta’ala accept your continuous support, reward you endlessly, and grant you abundant Barakah in your health, wealth, family, and all your good endeavors.
JazākAllāhu Khairan
Darul Uloom New Jersey

Nikah Services

To schedule your Nikah or for more information, please visit dunj.org/nikah

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Prayer Jamaat Times

Updated On: August 13, 2022



Fajr 5:30 am
Zuhr 1:15 pm
Asr 6:15 pm
Maghrib Local Sunset (3:07 PM)
Esha 9:45 pm
Jumuah 1st Jamat 1:15 pm
Jumuah 2nd Jamat 2:00 pm


Five Times Daily Salaah/Prayer and Friday Jummah

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Learning the rules of Tajweed to correctly read the Noble Quran.

Hifzul Quran

Rigorous course in memorization of the Noble Quran with the appropriate Tajweed.

Alim Course

A comprehensive study of the Islamic Sciences.


Study of Basic Islamic Studies.


Tutoring of required academic subjects from the 5th grade to the 12th grade levels.

After School Maktab

Part-time Quran class for young learners.

Nikah (Wedding)

We offer Nikah services to individuals that wish to get married.


Islamic articles on various subjects.

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