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DUNJ Nikah Policy and Procedure

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Marriage is a great Sunnah of our Prophet ﷺ and a form of worship. It is a means of attaining piety and closeness to Allah Ta’ala. We are honored to serve you on this special occasion of yours.

Below are resources to read for your Nikah.
Sunnah method of marriage
Nikah its true bliss and reality and The Muslim Husband
Ashraf's Blessings of Marriage
Kitab-un-Nikah By Shaykh Muhammad Yunus Palanpuri

Please read the following steps to complete your Nikah:

Step One
Islamic Requirements

For your marriage to be complete according to Islamic principles, the following must take place:

  1. The offer of marriage and acceptance i.e., mutual consent from both the bride and groom for the Nikah.
  2. The Mahr (Dowry), given to the Bride by the Groom. The Mahr is the woman's right and should be stipulated prior to the marriage with approval from the bride.
  3. The presence of two Muslim male witnesses and a guardian (Wali) for the bride must be present during the marriage ceremony.
Step Two
State Requirements
  1. Obtain a marriage license from your respective County Clerks’ office within 60 days of the Nikah date. Click here to read
    on how to obtain a marriage license for Passaic County
  2. Bring the marriage license on the day of your Nikah.
  3. The marriage license will be signed by the marriage officiant and mailed to the County Clerk’s office for the registration of the marriage.
Step Three
Administration Requirements
  1. Fill the Darul Uloom New Jersey Nikah Request Form. Please be sure to do this once you have received your marriage license. Click here to submit DUNJ Nikah Request Form
  2. Submit payment for Nikah service. Click here to make a payment
    • The Nikah fee is $300.00.
    • *Please note: DUNJ will no longer travel to outside locations for Nikah. The Nikah will only be performed in DUNJ.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us

Please read our policy for Nikah at Darul Uloom New Jersey.
  • Couples to be must meet all Islamic & state requirements for marriage. Any marriage not recognized by the Quran & Sunnah will not be performed.
  • We require the presence of two Muslim male witnesses for the Nikah and a guardian (wali) for the bride.
  • Approval of the marriage by the bride’s guardian must be demonstrated, prior to the marriage
  • Darul Uloom New Jersey will provide a Certificate of Islamic Marriage for the bride and groom on which the details of the nikah will be recorded and signed by the bride, groom, and the witnesses. We will keep a copy of the marriage certificate for our records.
  • Request for marriage ceremony must be made 3 ‐ 4 weeks in advance.
  • No photography or video of any type is allowed in the Masjid.
  • Darul Uloom New Jersey reserves the right to refuse the performance of a nikah without reason.

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