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Deeniyat: (Basic Islamic Essentials) Course

Aqaa-id (Beliefs)

This subject area focuses on providing the basic understanding of the Oneness of Allah and explaining essential Islamic beliefs as well as imparting the core topics related to it. It aims at imparting not only the necessary knowledge, but also the skills so that learners could practice upon Islam holistically and in full faith.


Akhlaaq wal Adaab (Good Character and Conduct)

This subject area focuses on instilling in the learners the necessary knowledge of Islamic etiquette and behaviors. Not only are the core principles imparted to them, but also its application in current day situations with the aim at having the learners internalize these values so as to be exemplars in society.


Fiqh (Islamic Rulings)

This subject area focuses on instilling in the students the necessary knowledge of Islamic laws and practices of Islam. Its application in everyday situations is a central focus area.


Seerah / Taareekh (History)

This subject area focuses on bringing the life and personality of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam as close to hearts and minds of the learners, so that they are able emulate him, love him and be able to protect and honor his noble personality at all times. It also aims at imparting Islamic history and its contribution to the world to the learners. This serves as a means of developing the Muslim identity via the learning and understanding of our Islamic heritage. Apart from the above, the greatest challenge of this subject is to relate it to the current context so as to make it impactful, relevant, and meaningful.


Hadeeth (Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam)

This subject focuses on the memorization of the sayings and teachings of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam. Not only does this promote the preservation of this legacy but it also engenders love and obedience for his great personality in the hearts of learners.


Du‘as (Invocations) 

The life of a Muslim revolves around remembering Allah at every turn and activity of one’s daily life. These are embodied in the various du‘as which Nabi Muhammad sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam has taught us to recite while carrying out our daily tasks. This subject aims at teaching learners these essential du‘as in the life of a Muslim.


Hajj Workshop

Darul Uloom NJ is pleased to invite all brothers and sisters who have intentions of performing Hajj this year to attend our comprehensive Hajj workshop. It is essential to acquire knowledge regarding the Fiqh aspects of Hajj as well as the proper method of performing Hajj to ensure the acceptance of our pilgrimage. Hajj Workshop […]


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