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10th Annual Graduation/Jalsah

Fard Al-‘Ayn Course

Assalamu ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said, ” Allah instills those whom He loves with a deep understanding of the Deen ” (Bukhari).

Alhamdulillah, we are pleased to announce Darul Uloom New Jersey’s Fard al-‘Ayn Course , comprising of a series of three 8-week programs designed to equip the Muslim masses with the fundamental aspects of their Deen.

Starting on September 16th, the upcoming courses will focus on Tajweed, Fiqh (Jurisprudence), and ‘Aqidah (Islamic creed). This is a golden opportunity for the Muslims to connect with scholars and learn their Deen in its pristine form.

Presently, these courses are for Muslim males ages 15+. Each individual course is $50, and for $100 one may take part in all three courses.

For additional information and registration, see: dunj.org/essentials

Jazakallah khair

Nikah Services

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Weekly Programs

Islahi Majlis & Zikr Program

Tafseer and Hadith Sessions

Prayer Jamaat Times

Updated On: September 21, 2023



Fajr 6:15 am
Zuhr 1:15 pm
Asr 5:30 pm
Maghrib Local Sunset (6:50 PM)
Esha 9:00 pm
Jumuah 1st Jamat 1:15 pm
Jumuah 2nd Jamat 2:00 pm


Five Times Daily Salaah/Prayer and Friday Jummah

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Learning the rules of Tajweed to correctly read the Noble Quran.

Hifzul Quran

Rigorous course in memorization of the Noble Quran with the appropriate Tajweed.

Alim Course

A comprehensive study of the Islamic Sciences.


Study of Basic Islamic Studies.


Tutoring of required academic subjects from the 5th grade to the 12th grade levels.

After School Maktab

Part-time Quran class for young learners.

Nikah (Wedding)

We offer Nikah services to individuals that wish to get married.


Islamic articles on various subjects.

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