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Hifz Competition 2016

Alhamdulilah! Darul Uloom New Jersey held its first annual Hifz Competition on March 05, 2016.

Students were divided into three groups.

Group A – 20-30  Paras

Group B –  10-20 Paras

Group C –  3-10 Paras

A total of 19 students participated. The winners for this year’s competition are:

Group A:

1st Place: Ashraf Ahmed s/o  Faisal Ahmed

2nd Place: Labidul Islam s/o Faqrul Islam

3rd Place: Robiul Islam

Group B:

1st Place: Raiyan Ahmed s/o Jewel Ahmed

2nd Place: Ozayr Ahmed s/o Fazela Ahmed

3rd Place: Mihad Uddin

Group C:

1st Place: Tanweer Ali s/o Mossabir Ali

2nd Place: Nazir Hussain s/o Zakir Hussain

3rd Place: Khairul Kabir s/o Humayan Ahmed

We congratulate all the winners and the participants of this year’s competition.


Hajj Workshop

Darul Uloom NJ is pleased to invite all brothers and sisters who have intentions of performing Hajj this year to attend our comprehensive Hajj workshop. It is essential to acquire knowledge regarding the Fiqh aspects of Hajj as well as the proper method of performing Hajj to ensure the acceptance of our pilgrimage. Hajj Workshop […]


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