Hifz Competition 2016

Alhamdulilah! Darul Uloom New Jersey held its first annual Hifz Competition on March 05, 2016.

Students were divided into three groups.

Group A – 20-30  Paras

Group B –  10-20 Paras

Group C –  3-10 Paras

A total of 19 students participated. The winners for this year’s competition are:

Group A:

1st Place: Ashraf Ahmed s/o  Faisal Ahmed

2nd Place: Labidul Islam s/o Faqrul Islam

3rd Place: Robiul Islam

Group B:

1st Place: Raiyan Ahmed s/o Jewel Ahmed

2nd Place: Ozayr Ahmed s/o Fazela Ahmed

3rd Place: Mihad Uddin

Group C:

1st Place: Tanweer Ali s/o Mossabir Ali

2nd Place: Nazir Hussain s/o Zakir Hussain

3rd Place: Khairul Kabir s/o Humayan Ahmed

We congratulate all the winners and the participants of this year’s competition.