Weekly Youth Classes

Darul Uloom New Jersey invites you to attend it’s weekly youth program every Thursday night after the Maghrib prayer.

The program will include:

1. Recitation of the 40 Durood,

2. Seerah of the Beloved Prophet (SAW), conducted by Ml. Abu Sufian.

3. Hadith Taleem from Riyadus Saliheen, by Mufti Shibbir Ahmed

4. Surah memorization and Mashq, by Ml. Kibriya Hussain

5. Tafseer of last ten Surahs, by Mufti Fatehul Islam

6. Fiqh of purity and Salah, by Mufti Numan Ahmed.

One topic will be covered each week.

Classes are free of charge.

Class Duration- 45 Minutes

We encourage you to attend and invite others.

JazakAllah Khair