Alhamdulillah! The following students have graduated as Huffaz of the Quran-e-Karim from Darul Uloom New Jersey.

  Name Completion Date Ustaadh
1 Hafiz Farhad Hasan s/o  Abdul Khaleque January, 2012 Mufti Fatehul Islam
2 Hafiz Hasan A. Razzak s/o Ml. Abdur Razzak June 06, 2012 Mufti Shibbir A.Razzak
3 Hafiz Zahid Ahmed s/o Ramzan Ahmed May 29, 2013 Mufti Shibbir A.Razzak
4 Hafiz Azizur Rahman s/o Khalid Rahman November 17, 2013 Mufti Shibbir A.Razzak
5 Hafiz Kamil Ahmed s/o Komor Uddin March 6, 2014 Mufti Fatehul Islam
6 Hafiz Nauman Musleh Uddin s/o Dr. Musleh Uddin June 01, 2015 Mufti Fatehul Islam
7 Hafiz Nahim Miah s/o Suruk Miah December 15, 2015 Mufti Fatehul Islam
8 Hafiz Shakibul Islam Shakib s/o Tazul Islam April 28,2016 Moulana Gulam Kibria
9 Hafiz Labidul Islam s/o Fakrul Islam May 05, 2016 Mufti Fatehul Islam
10 Hafiz Sahil Surti s/o Mohammed Surti May 18, 2016 Moulana Gulam Kibria
11 Hafiz Ashraf Ahmed s/o Faisal Ahmed September 07, 2016 Mufti Fatehul Islam
12 Hafiz Saidur Gofur s/o Abdul Gofur September 28, 2016 Mufti Fatehul Islam
13 Hafiz Samue Uddin s/o Mamun Uddin October 03, 2016 Moulana Gulam Kibria
14 Hafiz Nuruz Zaman s/o Khairuz Choudhury May 08, 2017 Mufti Fatehul Islam
15 Hafiz Ozayr Ahmed s/o Ml. Syed Salman August 12,2017 Moulana Abu Sufian
16 Hafiz Abdullah Bin Muhit s/o Abdul Muhit October 06, 2017 Moulana Abu Sufian
17 Hafiz Mihad Uddin s/o Marhoom Jibal Uddin October 09, 2017 Mufti Fatehul Islam
18 Hafiz Nazir Uddin s/o Ml. Amir Uddin November 29, 2017 Moulana Gulam Kibria
19 Hafiz Raiyan Ahmed s/o Jewel Ahmed November 29, 2017 Moulana Gulam Kibria
20 Hafiz Rayan Ali s/o Tariq Ali February 27, 2019 Moulana Gulam Kibria
21 Hafiz Aminur Rahman s/o Tunu Miah October 24, 2019 Mufti Naeem Halim
22 Hafiz Shahid Ekbal s/o Ekbal Ahmed August 16, 2020 Mufti Naeem Halim
23 Hafiz Arafath Shah s/o Nurul Islam Shah January 9, 2021 Moulana Gulam Kibria
24 Hafiz Sezan Imam s/o Salim Imam June 15, 2021 Moulana Kawsar
25 Hafiz Arman Ahmed s/o Rayhan Ahmed July 16, 2021 Moulana Wakeel Choudhury
26 Hafiz Talha Ali s/o Abdul Hannan Ali August 13, 2021 Moulana Wakeel Choudhury
27 Hafiz Mohammed Isa s/o Shiraj Uddin March 25, 2022 Mufti Hasan A. Razzak
28 Hafiz Mohammed Tanim s/o Mohammed Lutfur Rahman January 13, 2023 Moulana Wakeel Choudhury
29 Hafiz Rabid Rahman s/o Muzibur Rahman January 27, 2023 Moulana Wakeel Choudhury


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